happy birthday to me

I think I pledged to move and write about it every day. Then skipped a week. I’ve been doing pretty well. I got “distracted” by the need to grade final exams. I still have some more to grade.

I celebrated 51 yesterday. It’s a state of mind, so I decided I would try to imagine 15 instead. And then I decided I prefer being an adult. So 51 it is.  And I did the Insanity Fit-Test today.  Ouch.

  1. switch kick: 40 (2 reps =1 -> I lost count several times) 😦
  2. power jacks 42
  3. power knees 60 (l)
  4. power jumps 30
  5. globe jumps 6 rotations
  6. burpees (“suicide jumps”) 10 slowly
  7. push-up jacks 10
  8. plank obliques 12 pair

The fit-test itself was pretty intensive.  I’m going to give this my best.  This is a six-days-a-week two-month program of high-intensity sweat sessions. I bought the DVD’s over the summer and was scared to start. ha ha.  I figure there’s no time like the present.

The shrinking days of December steal my energy. So I’m fighting back.  What are you doing to keep moving in December? xx