in praise of slowness

My healthy habit this week is to slow down and eat with awareness.

To eat more slowly, I am putting my utensil down between bites and taking  a breath. I want to relax during my meal and enjoy my food. I try to notice whether I am  chewing my food thoroughly.

I struggle with eliminating distractions. I want to listen to a program or watch a video while I eat. I notice I don’t always chew my food completely before swallowing. I race as if someone will steal my plate!

Give slow eating a try and join the conversation over at 50Fit.

In a world where we want it NOW, here’s a delightful TED talk in praise of slowness:

learning to change

How are you doing on New Year’s resolutions? It might be more effective to start smaller and go longer. I’ve tried the “whole life renovation” method and my results have been pretty inconsistent. So I am starting smaller. And yes, it’s still January. So start. Don’t wait until next year.

1. Pick something you’ve been meaning to do. And just for kicks, pick something you can complete in less than 5 minutes. For me, drink more water.

2. Make it stupid-small and very very specific. You’d think “drink more water” is specific enough, but it doesn’t tell me how. It works if I’m standing in front of a water bubbler all day. So I modified it to “fill my water bottle”.

3. Hook it to an existing habit. When am I always in the kitchen, near the bottles and the water? When I make my morning coffee. Bingo. This will work.

I thought about this while out for a run. How about take some spring water up to my office? That doesn’t work if I leave the house. I want to make sure I drink the water, not just carry it into my office. So I stuck with the original formulation. And to be on the safe side, I made a Post-It note to remind me. I think I’ll put it on my coffee can.

This week’s micro-habit: when I make my morning coffee, fill my water bottle.


What micro-habit can you choose that improves your health? Carry on the conversation over at 50 Fit.

WOD 30.Sep.14 Be IN your body.

Did you set some New Year’s resolutions in January? How are they going? Give some thought to what you want to create during the last three months this year.  What can you add to or subtract from your daily or weekly routines that will enhance your health and happiness?

Today’s WOD focuses on reducing stress and increasing flexibility.

Adrenal cooling meditation (5 minutes)

Yoga (10 minutes)

Constructive rest. (20 minutes)

Notice how it feels to be IN your body.