I’mPossible Challenge

Over on the FB group, we have a challenge starting up.  Pick your own goal, etc., and get group support for achieving it.  I’ve pledged to donate to the NRA  next May if I run a 10k in over 60 minutes and weigh in above  my goal weight (and body composition of under 25%).   I will be measuring the following:

  1. Waist (wkly)
  2. Hips (wkly)
  3. Weight (daily) (I use a weighted average, so I don’t get too crazy over the day-to-day variations)
  4. Body Fat % (daily – though my impedance scale is highly correlated to hydration) – I will use calipers too, and for the final measurement, a “trusted third party” (probably my trainer)
  5. Total Sleep (Hours) (daily) (my pedometer does this if I remember to press buttons)
  6. Sleep Quality (1-7) (I changed the scale from 1-10 to 1-7 because it’s easier)
  7. Fasting Blood Sugar (daily)
  8. Morning pH (daily) (I bought the strips today)
  9. Postprandial Blood Sugar (occasionally)
  10. Total Steps (daily – goal > 10k) (which is basically two long walks a day).

What’s something you’ve always wanted to achieve that seems just out of reach?  Make it up! and then make it happen.

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