Choosing a food tracker & introducing the 50Fit MealLogger Group

Screenshot 2014-09-16 12.11.42

I want to track my food without spending lots and lots of time.  I’ve used a lot of on-line diaries (for counting calories and “macros”). And I’ve used a paper journal from time to time.  In our FB group, I asked for some suggestions.  Yesterday, I tried several food tracking apps. On Sasha’s recommendation, I’m going to use MealLogger for a couple weeks and see if it “sticks”.

So far, what I like about MealLogger is it’s fast and flexible. I’ve installed it on my iPad and my Android phone.  Plus it has a web platform too.  I like the other tools but I’m not sure how many of them I will use. I don’t want to record the same date in a lot of different places. One feature I will use is setting targets for carbs and protein.

The other feature I like a lot is Groups.  There is power in sticking with the herd.  I read somewhere that “you reflect your friends” – weight, income, lifestyle, etc.  I created a private 50Fit group on MealLogger.  Please join me over there for food, fitness, and fun.

Some other apps I tried out:

My Diet Tracker. Very simple. Take a photo, make a note. That’s it. The app creates a chron feed. You can edit the date/time to change the order, but you cannot edit the text.

Yumget – has a lot of potential. I like the screens and features. But. It. Crashed. Every. Time.  Deleted.

What are you using to stay mindful about your food choices?

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