WOD 22-Sep-14

How often should I train? How often should I rest?

Your body will tell you.  However, your mind might try to convince you to stay on the couch.  Listen to your body.

Overhead squats, PVC or dowel
Leg lifts on floor

  • Mobility moves to prepare for the overhead squat: VIDEO
  • Overhead Squat demo
  • Leg lifts demo

Translated this means three rounds of descending repetitions. Set the timer. Work as quickly as you can (safely): 12 overhead squats with a PVC dowel (or broom stick),12 leg lifts, then 9 overhead squats, 9 leg lifts, then 6 squats, 6 leg lifts.  Stop the timer.  Write down your time. 

WOD 21.9.14. Rest & play

Rest is as important as movement. Pushing ourselves without rest increases the likelihood of injury and illness.

Today consider doing something playful, easy, and pleasant. How about trying some yoga? Or giving yourself a hot soak in the tub? Taking a long walk, to enjoy the changing of the seasons?

What would feel most loving towards your body?

One life, one body.

WOD 19-SEP-14 Tabata this

Intervals: 8 rounds of Pushups, Sit-ups and Squats.

Set your timer for  20 seconds work – 10 seconds rest.

During the work segment: AMRAP (as many repetitions as possible). (yes, work hard) (and count them so next time, you can notice how much you have improved).

20 seconds Pushups

10 seconds Rest

20 seconds Situps

10 seconds Rest

20 seconds Squats

10 seconds Rest

Repeat sequence 8 times.

No timer? No problem. Use this one.

50 Fit Workout 18-SEP-14

A mere 10 days from now, I will attend an advanced CrossFit Coaching Course. Even though I’m not as fit and trim as I want to be – strike that, WILL BE next year (i’ve been torturing myself with constant criticism, but I digress). From now until then, as an experiment, I will post some Workout programming. Please play along at home, give me feedback and help me improve. These are “on-ramp” workouts, not “fire-breathers” so don’t freak out. I’m including a “stupid small” starter to get you into the flow.

3 rounds for time:

10 burpees
20 squats
30 sit-ups

Post time to comments.

“Stupid small starter”: I can Just Do One and Declare Victory.

1 burpee, 1 squat, and 1 sit-up.

Instructions and Videos to help you be safe and get stronger:

Tips for good burpees (as if there is such a thing).

Improve your squat.

 Sit-ups (or why I use an Ab-Mat).

Choosing a food tracker & introducing the 50Fit MealLogger Group

Screenshot 2014-09-16 12.11.42

I want to track my food without spending lots and lots of time.  I’ve used a lot of on-line diaries (for counting calories and “macros”). And I’ve used a paper journal from time to time.  In our FB group, I asked for some suggestions.  Yesterday, I tried several food tracking apps. On Sasha’s recommendation, I’m going to use MealLogger for a couple weeks and see if it “sticks”.

So far, what I like about MealLogger is it’s fast and flexible. I’ve installed it on my iPad and my Android phone.  Plus it has a web platform too.  I like the other tools but I’m not sure how many of them I will use. I don’t want to record the same date in a lot of different places. One feature I will use is setting targets for carbs and protein.

The other feature I like a lot is Groups.  There is power in sticking with the herd.  I read somewhere that “you reflect your friends” – weight, income, lifestyle, etc.  I created a private 50Fit group on MealLogger.  Please join me over there for food, fitness, and fun.

Some other apps I tried out:

My Diet Tracker. Very simple. Take a photo, make a note. That’s it. The app creates a chron feed. You can edit the date/time to change the order, but you cannot edit the text.

Yumget – has a lot of potential. I like the screens and features. But. It. Crashed. Every. Time.  Deleted.

What are you using to stay mindful about your food choices?