stop lying to yourself. it’s not too late to make a difference.

We lie to ourselves when we say, “it’s too late for me.”  This story seduces us into inaction. THIS interesting story suggests that regret begins to set in around age 50.  But if you want to make a difference, our age is our advantage.  In this powerful new Tedx Talk, heart doctor Jonathan Sackner-Bernstein shows how our brain power increases after age 50 and why we primed for our most successful years yet.

Skills + experience + wisdom = success. 

faster results, less time

I had a great time coaching at CrossFit Scheveningen today – showing the athletes Tension Release Exercises™ – a wonderful way to help your muscles recover more quickly after a workout.

Today I tried a 2k “burst” session instead of a steady row.

  • 60 seconds warm up
  • 30 seconds hard
  • 60 seconds recovery

Repeat 30:60 intervals until done. Cool down for a minute if you’ve finished on a burst interval.


happy birthday to me

I think I pledged to move and write about it every day. Then skipped a week. I’ve been doing pretty well. I got “distracted” by the need to grade final exams. I still have some more to grade.

I celebrated 51 yesterday. It’s a state of mind, so I decided I would try to imagine 15 instead. And then I decided I prefer being an adult. So 51 it is.  And I did the Insanity Fit-Test today.  Ouch.

  1. switch kick: 40 (2 reps =1 -> I lost count several times) 😦
  2. power jacks 42
  3. power knees 60 (l)
  4. power jumps 30
  5. globe jumps 6 rotations
  6. burpees (“suicide jumps”) 10 slowly
  7. push-up jacks 10
  8. plank obliques 12 pair

The fit-test itself was pretty intensive.  I’m going to give this my best.  This is a six-days-a-week two-month program of high-intensity sweat sessions. I bought the DVD’s over the summer and was scared to start. ha ha.  I figure there’s no time like the present.

The shrinking days of December steal my energy. So I’m fighting back.  What are you doing to keep moving in December? xx

Want to avoid winter depression?

Where I live, the sun rises at about 8:30 AM and sets around 4:30 PM in December. The days grow shorter and shorter. In the past, I have hibernated. When I learned to run, I trained all winter for a marathon, running in the dark and over snow-covered trails. This season, I’ve started feeling sluggish. I am committed to keeping moving all winter.

Today: 15 minutes flow yoga, 10 minutes on the rower (2,000 meters), 6 minutes with two kettlebells, and then some painful mobility work with two Yoga Tune-up Balls.

I’m committed. My body needs my help. I need my body. How about you?  Can you commit to caring for your body?


Raise your EatQ and bridge the gap between what you know and what you do

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